What is Virgin Hair?

Hair that has not been touched by chemicals known as perms, relaxers, dye, or bleach.

Will the hair look natural?

Yes, it will look natural because it is 100% natural virgin hair. If you don’t tell, we won’t.

How Many Bundles Of Hair Do I Need?

3 for hair 16 inches and shorter, 4 bundles for anything over 16 inches for a natural look, for a fuller look additional bundles can be added as well.

How are your lengths measured?

Straight hair is measured from weft to ends; Curly/ Wavy hair is measured when the hair is straightly stretched! Curly/Wavy hair will initially look much shorter than the inches you purchased. Please stretch the hair out and measure it for its true length.

How long will this hair last?

The hair can last 1-2 years, it depends on how you maintain it. Treat it like its your natural hair and it will last longer.

Will the hair tangle and shed?

Normal tangling and shedding is expected with ALL hair but it is very minimum with our hair. Tangling is usually an issue with inches 20” and longer and that is even minimum to NONE with our product. Shedding is VERY minimal, no hair is shed proof. Remember this is human hair wefted onto a track. There may be loose hairs throughout your bundles that were not caught in the stitching during the wefting process. Initially 5-10 strands per bundle are acceptable until the loose hairs have been rid of. Most of this process is done during the co-wash.

Will the hair keep its pattern after it’s washed?

Our texture patterns bounce back very well after washing.

Can I go swimming?

You may go swimming in pools and hot tubs. We recommend braiding your hair or pulling it up into a ponytail before swimming to keep your hair from tangling. It is best to wash your hair right after swimming. Add a spray in conditioner after swimming.

Will the hair look exactly like the hair in the picture?

The picture is to give an idea of our hair’s texture. There maybe a slight variation between the hair you receive and the hair featured in the photo.

Can the hair be colored?

Yes it can be colored. If you have wavy hair it will loosen the wave

Will the color & texture of the hair look exactly as the picture?

Different monitors show different displays. The quality of the hair will only be a slight difference if any.

What payment methods do you accept?

Paypal and all major credit cards. Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.


  • Shampoo at least every two weeks
  • Detangle hair from roots to ends before washing.
  • Use a shampoo no higher than PH7
  • Carefully wash with luke warm water. Do not rub or twist the hair.
  • Follow with conditioner and comb through with a wild toothcomb, starting with the ends and work your way to the scalp.
  • Rinse hair well gentle squeezing out excess water and pat dry with towel. Do not rub or roll the hair dry into the towel.
  • Dry and style hair as recommended by your hair stylist.
  • For bonded hair, do not blow dry or apply heat over adhesives.